Edition 2: Jan 23



Self-assess yourself about what you should know about the language.

Answer the following:

  • What is language for you?
  • What do you think about language as a communication tool?
  • What is its main function?
  • How do you support children’s language development?

Courtesy of Precious Moment Child Care


Mathematical thinking

Are the abilities that students develop associated with mathematical concepts, logical reasoning, understanding and exploration of the world through proportions. Lets prepare children for a life in which working with numbers is a necessity.

We must find a way for children to develop an interest in mathematics. Mathematics is used in everyday life. We can use math anywhere. Let’s help children develop their knowledge of mathematics.

Prepare activities involving numbers.

Even being in the supermarket can be more fun than usual.

Example: ask your child to put several apples in the basket, ask him to count the apples to motivate the child, do it together with him. These activities can help develop your child’s confidence with numbers and strengthen their math skills.

Courtesy of Precious Moment Child Care


Music and movement: Activity for children 2 to 5 years old

For this activity we will be using:

  • Ipad
  • Speaker
  • Space to dance
  • Song to follow instructions are available on Youtube
(scan the QR code to start watching now)

Before the activity, it is necessary to look for a children’s song that is related to following instructions, we recommend watching the video to follow the commands which will do first.

Move your hands, move your elbows, move your shoulders, your head…

This activity has several benefits for the overall development of the child.