SPOTLIGHT: Maria NuncioFeatured

My name is Maria Nuncio. I’m originally from León Guanajuato, México. I came to Milwaukee in 1995 with my husband. We have been married for 30 years and we have 4 children.

In 2007 I applied for a day care home license, getting it in April in the same year, under the name of my small world.

I started taking a course at the Hispanic Center in the southside of Milwaukee and that’s where I met a colleague who told me about the early education associate. She encouraged me to continue studying.

In 2012 I met Carmen Hernandez, she is the president of Proveedoras Unidas, a support group and thanks to this association I have been able to strengthen my skills and knowledge in this field of education without losing the desire to excel.

In 2017, I finished my associate in early education and 4 credentials. I love my job because I have been able to be with my children and not neglect my home and work on what I like and provide support to the families that I give them my services.

It is a satisfaction that fills me with great pride. I still don’t feel fulfilled, I have new goals that I will continue working on to achieve them. Now my goal is to finish my degree in early education.


SPOTLIGHT: Anabel MaciasFeatured

My name is Anabel Macias. I’m from Aguascalientes, México. I’m currently married and I have 4 children. I came to Milwaukee in 2006. I had the opportunity to work at a group day care as a teacher assistant in 2011, that’s when my interest in early education began. I was working and studying and working for different daycares for a term of 10 years, I began to be interested in having my own Child day care. I would listen to different providers and teachers who had their own child care home businesses and at one point I thought it was out of my reach to have one of my own.

In 2020, I took the initiative in seeking help to apply for a family day care license but at that time, unfortunately, many people that I asked for help did not offer it to me, the closed the doors. At the end of 2020, I met the founder and president of the association Proveedoras Unidas, Carmen Hernández, where she did not hesitate to guide me, she gave me the tools to start the procedures for the family daycare license.

By 05/2021 I was able to obtain my license. I’ve had my family daycare for 2 years and my lifestyle and the way of seeing things have changed. My husband Hector Soto, not only supported me in this initiative, he is also interested in learning more about early education, he is educating himself, taking classes and he is currently with me as my assistant, which I am proud to have his support at all times.

We make a great team working together. I still have goals that I want to achieve. For this I will continue studying and preparing myself to give a better education and service to children and parents. The secret is to put a lot of love into everything you do and the decisions you make and have a constant routine everyday in your work with children.

Sensory table: All children are unique and unrepeatable, being central actors in the teaching-learning process, depending on their individual needs and interests of each child.

Initial education is a process of accompaniment with child development from the first months of life.

Fine motor: In this activity, children will use scissors and construction paper, that helps strengthen the muscles when using the scissors by constantly opening and closing their fingers.

Fine motor: This activity is about art, by using brushes and painting the child learns to control movement of their hands to develop his imagination and curiosity and strengthens motor skills.

Group activity with puppets:

Social developments: Allows interaction and participation between children and at the same time they learn matters and respect between them when taking turns to share.


SPOTLIGHT: Overcoming Reflection

My name is José M. Hernandez, in September 1999, I emigrated to the united states to the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I started working in different magazines and plastic factories. In September of 2003, I married María Ester Aguilera and we have 3 boys of 18,16, and 13 years old.

In January 2012, my wife’s dream of having our own business related to child care came true, which she named as “Green Planet Day care”. After so many years of effort from my wife.

So I started taking the first classes for early age care so we could work together and for this I needed to take certain basic classes that included: CPR, abuse and neglect, shaken baby syndrome, crib death.

I also took credentials for infants and toddlers and administration at MATC. Finally, in 2021 I graduated with an associate degree in early childhood education at MATC. I think that the more I prepare myself academically, the better the quality of child care will be.

What inspired me to study the associate in early education was to see my wife who has a gift for teaching the children in her care and how grateful the parents are with her.

Then I got involved little by little in the day care and began to prepare myself to be more professional in this field. My children were my other reason to finish my studies and be an example despite my age, it is never too late to learn and of course “yes you can” despite the obstacles, always stay focused on what you want and you will succeed, even if you have not yet mastered the language.

I thank god and this country that have given me so much and I thank each of the people who were by my side, especially my wife and my children.

Written By José M. Hernandez