BIOGRAPHY: Estrellita AlaffaFeatured

My name is Estrellita Alaffa, I was born in Tamaulipas, Mexico, on February 19th, 1982. I graduated with a technical degree in business administration, I worked in Mexico as a secretary in a law firm for three years, then I got married and emigrated to the United States in 2003.

I am a mother of four children, two of them have autism and although it has not been easy, my resilience has helped me reinvent myself as a mother and at the same time work wise. In 2012, I took a course to obtain my CNA license in the state of Texas and worked for almost four years in a nursing home, where I put into practice all the ove, patience and empathy that my children taught me as they grew up.

But at the same time, my children’s needs were requiring more and more of my time, so I decided to leave my job and dedicate full time to my children.

In 2018, we emigrated again to the state of Wisconsin, looking for new opportunities and although I was home for several years, I always had the desire to do something else besides that.

So in 2020, I joined the group of health leaders as a volunteer, from the Sixteenth Street Clinic, where I participated as a health promoter and received training in community advocacy. This great experience was a great tool to develop me professionally, because in 2023, i started working with UW-Madison Extension, as a bilingual nutrition educator, and at the end of this same year i was nominated to be part of the board of directors at the Sixteenth Street Clinic and for me it is and honor to be part of this board of directors.

Therefore, every day I strengthen my commitment to my family and my community, my resilience drives me to cultivate myself as an individual, I live to be useful in the lives of the people who know me and I feel the moral commitment to serve and intercede for those voices that are not heard.

Although being a mother of two autistic children has not been easy, since there are many challenges that we face every day, there are also many gratifying moments that we experience every day and that is the most important thing.

What we enjoy the most as a family is doing outdoor activities. I am pleased to see their smiles, their innocence and the unconditional love of each one of my children.


Activity for children 2 years and older

Activity: Jumping


  • Geometric figures of different colors

The figures are placed on the floor about a foot apart and the children are asked to jump from one figure to another. You can just say the colors or the geometric figure or both depending on the age of the child.

This activity helps children in the cognitive area (colors and figures), Health and development: Gross motor and likewise the social/emotional area because children learn that they have to wait to take turns.

Contribution of: Marisela’s Family Day Care


SPOTLIGHT: Maria Nuncio

My name is Maria Nuncio. I’m originally from León Guanajuato, México. I came to Milwaukee in 1995 with my husband. We have been married for 30 years and we have 4 children.

In 2007 I applied for a day care home license, getting it in April in the same year, under the name of my small world.

I started taking a course at the Hispanic Center in the southside of Milwaukee and that’s where I met a colleague who told me about the early education associate. She encouraged me to continue studying.

In 2012 I met Carmen Hernandez, she is the president of Proveedoras Unidas, a support group and thanks to this association I have been able to strengthen my skills and knowledge in this field of education without losing the desire to excel.

In 2017, I finished my associate in early education and 4 credentials. I love my job because I have been able to be with my children and not neglect my home and work on what I like and provide support to the families that I give them my services.

It is a satisfaction that fills me with great pride. I still don’t feel fulfilled, I have new goals that I will continue working on to achieve them. Now my goal is to finish my degree in early education.