“For children in general, and for small children, in particular, the auto-start game is the mode learning basics. Through this kind of play, children create new experiences of learning that otherwise they will not find.”

Dr. David Elkind


  • Make movements using the small muscles from hands, wrists and fingers


  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Brushes


  • Make music with the body
  • Experience sounds with the mouth
  • Play age-appropriate musical instruments

Dramatic play

  • Children adapt various roles
  • Standing alternately in one or the other point of view
  • Through dramatic games children play representing characters, situations or things


  • Children make observations through nature
  • Collect information
  • Ask questions
  • Use logical thinking to reach a conclusion


  • Counting and numerical value
  • Mathematical operations
  • Data measurements

Use of tv, video, and/or computers/tablets

  • They are resources for education
  • No more than one hour each day
  • Supervised by an adult

Promoting acceptance of diversity

  • Institutionally, diversity will be oriented towards valuing
  • Acceptance
  • Design educational strategies that allow teachers to address functional diversity in the initial education room