This activity is about diversity for 5 year old children.

Exploring skin colors

We will present the diversity book to the children, we let them express themselves as they wish, in order to intervene and correct what they cant understand.

Materials for this activity

  • Diversity book
  • Paper
  • Skin color paint
  • 2 or 3 crayon packets
  • Multicultural markers
  • Crayons
  • Pencil


Encourage children to use descriptive color names like mahogany, peach, and gold; words that describe actions such as describe, mix, and paint; and words about scientific processes like matching.

Key science concepts

There’s many different colors.

The same color can have different shades, from very light to very dark.


Tell children that they are going to trace the outline of their hands and color it by matching the color of their skin.

Ask children to look at their skin. How would you describe your skin color? If they answer with white or black, encourage them to take a closer look and identify some of the colors that when combined makes up the color of their skin. For example, do they see something brown, red, yellow, orange and/or beige on their skin?

Examine the crayons and/or paint together. read and discuss the names on each tag.


  • Which crayons are more likely like a peach?
  • Which brown looks like the one from a teddy bear?

Invite children to choose a crayon or paint that matches their skin color. If they feel like the color doesn’t match that well, encourage them to mix it with other colors.

When children have the shades of the color they are happy with, have them trace the outline of their hands on sheets of paper and then color or ink them. Encourage children to make up a name for their skin color. Food often works as inspiration, for example, chocolate cake, gold honey. Help children write the name of the colors on their work

Courtesy of Precious Moment Child Care