Offer Personalized pedagogical activities that aim at the optimal learning of children at an early age based on the main interest in the little ones, such as play, and respecting their areas of development. Work articulated with didactics and professionalism.

Brindamos apoyo con Baile, ejercicios adaptados y recreativos a los programas de las comunidades promoviendo la actividad física como lo es con la clínica sixteen street con el programa líderes por la salud con atención al adulto mayor ya que el ejercicio es una parte importante de la vida cotidiana de casi todas las personas, incluidos los adultos. Según los expertos, los adultos mayores deben estar tan activos como sea posible. Si es un adulto mayor, el ejercicio puede ayudarlo a vivir una vida más larga y saludable.

Group or personalized swimming classes at home for beginners at different levels; Basic level: you will be able to float short distances by yourself, you will dive by controlling your breathing and you will learn Front Crawl and Backstroke. Intermediate level: will perfect the same styles of Front Crawl, Backstroke and start with breaststroke, swimming medium distances without stopping, basic dives, moving underwater. We also offer aqua fitness for adults, matronatacion in an educational and fun way, offering safety and confidence.

Teach workshops and courses on pedagogical strategies aimed at all adults, who are teachers, providers, preschool assistants, directors who work with children from an early age, with the purpose of facilitating training and learning, using didactic techniques which allow the creation of knowledge in a creative and dynamic way.

Rainbow butterflay provides Move Mean For Life with group or personalized outdoor exercise classes, online or at home, with functional exercise and adapted with various strategies and techniques that consists of exercising and achieving a better state of health and quality of life and personal challenges that they want to meet, strengthening their self-esteem even more.