Yosmary Godkin is Venezuelan born in Cardenas municipality, Tariba parish, Tachira state. She studied pedagogy in preschool, she also has a degree in physical activity and health. In search of professional development, she continued her postgraduate studies as a specialist in early childhood education and a master’s degree in behavioral guidance and a master’s degree in physical education. This passionate teacher, single mother of two sons, daughter of Ana Mireya Delgado, is now 45 years old in 2022. Since her childhood she has identified with humanist values such as solidarity. Seeing her mother selflessly help those in need. Throughout her life she has kept a passion for teaching through educational games.

She recounts that some time ago she undertook the adventure of leaving her country for Cancun and reuniting with her eldest son, whom she had not seen for 3 years because of his sports career as a national team athlete. She expressed that her stay in Cancun allowed her to develop and strengthen other potentialities, such as being a children’s swimming instructor, aqua-fitness coach and a childrens re-enactor through adapted physical activity in summer courses.

In december 2017, she traveled with her youngest son to Milwaukee, WI. For whatever reasons she found the need to stay, facing a new life full of uncertainties, obstacles, difficulties mainly due to not knowing the English language and being undocumented. Full of fears, doubts and little hope, she seeks to get ahead like all immigrants who are in this country for different reasons and circumstances.

Over time, she met her husband Phillip Godkin. A cycling coach whom she married in september of 2019. She says that her husband is the one who is always supporting her in her dreams and motivating her to enjoy life doing what she loves. Later, through her husband, she met Dr. David Waters, a well-known doctor at the sixteenth street clinic, who saw in her a great human potential as one who could provide great benefits to the hispanic community through the programs at the clinic. He recommended her to the latina for health group led by Tatiana Maida and Delia Gast at that time, where they gave her the opportunity to receive training to learn about the mission and vision of the program and thus be able to be part of the group of volunteer leaders for health in south milwaukee communities.

Her dedication to the constant search for academic and professional excellence led her to prepare professionally while working in various fields related to education, public and private educational institutions, universities, health centers, companies, and sport clubs. All with the aim of promoting quality education and adapted physical activity, through games, dances and recreational activities that allow human beings to have fun and recreate while learning. She has performed and constantly maintains continuous training in various areas of early childhood education focused on the didactic “ the art of teaching” and the playful “the enjoyment of learning”. All based on the primary interest of the human being the GAME and the influence of MUSIC and MOVEMENT at an early age, youth, adults and older adults. She reiterates that through the different activities she promotes massification and inclusion as a right of all and for all.

Yosmary has been part of the group of leaders for health in hispanic communities for many years, promoting physical activity through the “MOVE-MEANT FOR LIFE” philosophy and style. This is how she continues her dream of promoting physical activity and recreation. Also through the leaders for health program, she provides motivation, leadership and training workshops to the inhabitants so that they empower their community and become future community leaders.

On january 26th, 2022 a normal afternoon and routine work day at Lincoln elementary school it was when she was heading home that she was suddenly struck by a stray bullet through her car window hitting her in the left side of her face and destroying her jaw. She mentions that she received emergency surgery and that she is currently still convalescing from the consequences of this tragic accident but she continues and fights with the hope of improving and healing the severe pain that she lives with.

“Make your life a dream, and a dream a reality”

Yosmary Godkin

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